Hide the Tape in Your Eyelid Double-sided Double-sided ultra thin tape stays firmaly within your eyelid. which means... The tape is unnoticeable even when you close your eyes!
  • Full Lengths Hard Adhesive
  • Full Lengths Soft Adhesive
  • Partial Lengths Hard Adhesive
DUP ワンダーアイリッドテープ WONDER EYELID TAPE ふたえのクセ 深く!クッキリ! 両面タイプ エクストラ

Full Lengths Hard Adhesive  Super Strong! Hard & Sharp Touch

Wonder Eyelid Tape  Extra  120 pcs / Pack

Super Strong! Hard & Sharp Touch?
Super Strong Glue Deep crease stays all day!  Water & Sweat Proof Keeps your ideal crease anytime! Fans’ Comments  I was surprised how strong this tape is! Also it’s easy to wear. I will keep using! Cindy(Taiwan)  I’ve tried hundreds of double eyelid tapes but this is definitely the best! I like it because it stays perfectly yet looks natural. Hanna(USA)
DUP ワンダーアイリッドテープ WONDER EYELID TAPE ふたえのクセ 深く!クッキリ! 両面タイプ マイルド

Full Lengths Soft Adhesive  Soft & Flexible Touch

Wonder Eyelid Tape  Mild  120 pcs / Pack

Soft & Flexible Touch?
Softer adhesive is used compared to EXTRA type. It’s comfortable to wear. Fans’ Comments  I prefer MILD type, It stays on my eyelid until I take off at night. Naomi (Canada)  It’s softer than EXTRA type.
I would repurchase MILD type as I’m satisfied with the strong holding. Jenny (Hong Kong)  Maybe EXTRA type is more popular but I’m a MILD type fan. It doesn’t pull my skin. I can’t live without this tape! Megumi (Japan)
DUP ワンダーアイリッドテープ WONDER EYELID TAPE ふたえのクセ 深く!クッキリ! 両面タイプ ポイント

Partial Lengths Hard Adhesive  Mini type of  Wonder Eyelid Tape EXTRA

Wonder Eyelid Tape  Point  180 pcs / Pack

Features of Wonder Eyelid Tape POINT
For those who originally has double eyelid & does not struggle making double eyelid, choose POINT type! Before After  widen your crease!

Tips from Plaster  Single-SidedSkin tone printed tape blends perfectly to your eyelid.

DUP ワンダーアイリッドテープ WONDER EYELID TAPE ふたえのクセ 簡単!クッキリ! 片面タイプ

For Who Prefers Single-sided Type  Simple! Just Wear and Press

Wonder Eyelid Tape  Single  144 pcs / Pack

Why is it invisible on eyelid?
Tips from Plaster  Special Skin Tone Printed  Blends into your eyelid! KNACK!!  Press & fit with S-stick. It’s even more invisible!

Double Eyelid Tape Strengthener When tape is sticking out, coming off, and you want to fix!

No More Frustration! RETOUCH BOND